Dear High school Crush

Greetings pretty boy. I know you are doing well,we talked on Sunday.
Next is to thank you for all of the dreams and fantasies I had in 07/08 as it turns out you were my future baby daddy, love of my life and knight in shinning armor
.I know you probably don’t remember but our first meeting was just like in the movies,I was rushing out of form TWO K to get my Agriculture notebook from someone,I bumped into you and my books fell on the corridor.Things in my head happened in slow motion,you and I were bent down staring into each others eyes while you helped me pick my books you handed them to me and went on to ask me if we could hang out,at least that’s how I like to imagine things happened,except that is not so,in normal 16 year old behavior you yelled at me and told me niangalie kwenye naenda.Of course I forgave you after all you were at the time my future husband so how could I not?
Crush,you have no idea how all those Westlife songs I had carefully written in a notebook and sang off-key made sense to me when I thought of us.I watched that Mariah Carey video of we belong together and decided that was us,me getting married to the wrong person and you showing up and rescuing me,we would drive off in your convertible into the sunset and live happily ever after.My mind would wander away during those boring afternoon chemistry lessons and I would just see us talking and laughing.I would see you holding my hand and telling me I was the only girl in the world.Those Danielle Steele novels I was reading in secret showed me the true meaning of “love”.
In all this crush,you never seemed to notice me.To you I never existed.I always wondered if it was because I had shaved my hair.I mean bald girls need love too.You never ever looked at me twice. Funny thing,everyone knew who I was,I was a loud mouth, a noise maker and was always in trouble,you were the only one who never seemed to notice me.
I asked my girl to talk to you and how she tried to let me down easy told me you told her to tell me to go screw myself.From that day on,you would give me those ugly angry eyes.I don’t know what you hated the most my guts or the idea of us.I would see you talking to your boys and laughing and having the time of your life but if our eyes met for half a second,you would be instantly mad for days.I guess I really did disgust you. I nursed my broken heart and our shattered life together and decided to move on,fortunately you changed schools and made things a lot easier for me.I quickly saw past my infatuation and decided you weren’t that cute anyway,I saw your ndengu hair in different light,plus my dear that nickname they gave you,such a turn off.Soon enough a fast talking smart mouth with swag from here to the moons came by and that void was filled.Well I got over that too…anyway…
Imagine my surprise when a “guess who?” text hit me recently.Crush, I gotta give you an E for effort.The same girl I had sent to you in 08 is the one you went to and asked for my number and hunted me down.You tell me you are all grown,and I know you are because six years can do that to a boy.You have been extra nice,seeking my friendship first.I am sorry but that is all you will ever be with me.You are exactly six years late bro.This sweet talk is what I needed to hear when my raging hormones were ruling me,because now,I ain’t about that life son.
I guess am beyond grown now,I don’t know if going to watch a movie is what I need now,nice try though.That cycle is tiring been there done that.


16 thoughts on “Dear High school Crush

  1. Hahaha lol am loving this…u crazy aki but that took me back to those damn days.Kijana chelewa chelewa utapata mwana c wako

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