Ripped Off

I am mad.No,appalled to no end.Here is why.
So last year when the government was breathing down on our necks asking us to make the digital switch from analogue mode, I as the law abiding citizen I am made the switch.I settled on what appeared to be a popular and cheap service provider at the time.I was happy with my choice since it had good international channels like BET,MTV,CHANEL O,NATGEO,TSN, CNN, ALjazeera and others,and the local content was neat too.I opted for a cheap bouquet of 600 shillings per month.It seemed like a very fair deal at the time.
We waited for the big switch off but it never happened.They is a pending court case that has seen to it that the deadline for the switch off keeps on being post-phoned.Three of the biggest local stations also went off air on our service provider rendering our decoder pretty useless.I decided to stop paying it till the digital migration happened and the local stations came back on air.That was several months ago.Now all we do is watch movies and series and listen to the radio.We do not have a proper aerial as our decoder was acting as the aerial.
Recently our DVD player/radio needed servicing.The house was going to be too quiet, we decided to pay the decoder and be watching t.v before the player came back. Normally,you pay via m-pesa and within minutes the error message on the T.V disappears and the channels are restored.Having not paid for months I assumed it would take a bit of time before coming back but seven hours later after making the payment the T.V was still blank.I checked If I had made the correct payment and realized I had made an error,I had paid for another user since I interchanged the last two digits of my decoder.The only way to make the reversal was by calling customer care.Here is when I started getting mad,how is a customer care line not toll free?How is it a regular number?And that being said,how or why in Gods name do I call and get the automated machine asking me to make options,how or why am I told to hold as am connected to the next available agent as my credit is dwindling?The most annoying part of all this was how my credit kept running out and each time I would call I would have to go through that same process all over again.Once I held until I got an actual human being to talk to me and just as I had started explaining my problem,I ran out of credit and I had to top up and call again,I had to stay on the line for 20 minutes before another person could talk to me and when they came,I had to start all over again since it was a different agent!It’s true what they say about it raining and pouring!
I was duly advised,to launch a formal complaint via email,explaining in detail how I made the error,give the number I meant to make the payment for,give the transaction code for the payment and then request a reversal of the money to my account.hmmmmmm I was going to altogether give up I mean, as it is I had used so much airtime and my levels of frustration were getting harmful and unbearable.I was doing the math,I wanted to give up and make a fresh payment but something told me to not make someones day somewhere by paying for their cable.So I sat down and composed the email including all the codes and numbers, my head was spinning by now.I prayed before sending it that that would be it.
Two days later my T.V had still not been restored.I had to call the customer care line and inquire on when it would be restored since I had done everything they had required of me.This time round I had enough credit and as they wasted my time asking me to stay on the line I kept calm.I informed the guy on the other end my predicament and in painstaking detail expressed my displeasure in the process of getting my money back.He apologized and told me that in minutes my T.V would be restored.And it was…but we would watch it for three hours only before it was disconnected again!Argggh! This was getting annoying by the day,I asked from an agent and he told me I had to send a message and request for a reset!!That text message cost a whopping twenty shillings and wait for it…They did not even reset it.
I decided to send someone to their offices to sort all this crap once ad for all since I was working.I had to ask around for their offices location. My sister was met by A huge queue and had to wait for over an hour to get someone to listen to her.They finally sorted the problem and said it had been a technical error bla bla bla. We enjoyed the viewing for three weeks and they switched it off again this time they needed the monthly fee to be made.I was not feeling it.I don’t even like it,our DVD player had come home and we went back to our movies and series.I decided to pay it only when the local stations came back on air.
Well can you imagine my surprise when two days ago I got a call from them asking me when I was going to make the payment?Pfffft!first of all you do not discontinue offering a service and demand for payment.You call in advance to say you are going to discontinue the service if the payment is not made by a certain date then by the said date if the payment is not made you discontinue the service.Second ,when I needed you fools to call me back to reverse my funds,you didn’t,you kept me waiting on the line as you wasted my credit and time,now you are calling asking for the payment??You are tripping,HARD!Third,it is a written rule that customer care lines should be toll free,I mean as it is am paying for the services why should I pay more to reach you to complain about the services?Fourth that damn automated machine!!!I just cant! When the government finally says it is making the migration you best believe I am not coming back to you fools!I know there will be more and better service providers.Because this is a rip off!


Dear High school Crush

Greetings pretty boy. I know you are doing well,we talked on Sunday.
Next is to thank you for all of the dreams and fantasies I had in 07/08 as it turns out you were my future baby daddy, love of my life and knight in shinning armor
.I know you probably don’t remember but our first meeting was just like in the movies,I was rushing out of form TWO K to get my Agriculture notebook from someone,I bumped into you and my books fell on the corridor.Things in my head happened in slow motion,you and I were bent down staring into each others eyes while you helped me pick my books you handed them to me and went on to ask me if we could hang out,at least that’s how I like to imagine things happened,except that is not so,in normal 16 year old behavior you yelled at me and told me niangalie kwenye naenda.Of course I forgave you after all you were at the time my future husband so how could I not?
Crush,you have no idea how all those Westlife songs I had carefully written in a notebook and sang off-key made sense to me when I thought of us.I watched that Mariah Carey video of we belong together and decided that was us,me getting married to the wrong person and you showing up and rescuing me,we would drive off in your convertible into the sunset and live happily ever after.My mind would wander away during those boring afternoon chemistry lessons and I would just see us talking and laughing.I would see you holding my hand and telling me I was the only girl in the world.Those Danielle Steele novels I was reading in secret showed me the true meaning of “love”.
In all this crush,you never seemed to notice me.To you I never existed.I always wondered if it was because I had shaved my hair.I mean bald girls need love too.You never ever looked at me twice. Funny thing,everyone knew who I was,I was a loud mouth, a noise maker and was always in trouble,you were the only one who never seemed to notice me.
I asked my girl to talk to you and how she tried to let me down easy told me you told her to tell me to go screw myself.From that day on,you would give me those ugly angry eyes.I don’t know what you hated the most my guts or the idea of us.I would see you talking to your boys and laughing and having the time of your life but if our eyes met for half a second,you would be instantly mad for days.I guess I really did disgust you. I nursed my broken heart and our shattered life together and decided to move on,fortunately you changed schools and made things a lot easier for me.I quickly saw past my infatuation and decided you weren’t that cute anyway,I saw your ndengu hair in different light,plus my dear that nickname they gave you,such a turn off.Soon enough a fast talking smart mouth with swag from here to the moons came by and that void was filled.Well I got over that too…anyway…
Imagine my surprise when a “guess who?” text hit me recently.Crush, I gotta give you an E for effort.The same girl I had sent to you in 08 is the one you went to and asked for my number and hunted me down.You tell me you are all grown,and I know you are because six years can do that to a boy.You have been extra nice,seeking my friendship first.I am sorry but that is all you will ever be with me.You are exactly six years late bro.This sweet talk is what I needed to hear when my raging hormones were ruling me,because now,I ain’t about that life son.
I guess am beyond grown now,I don’t know if going to watch a movie is what I need now,nice try though.That cycle is tiring been there done that.