Welcome to the friend zone!

My friend Sheila* just got friend zoned.Yeah I know,do chics get friend zoned?Well they do,I know what your explanation for that is Sheila* is fat and homely.You are wrong,she is a very beautiful chic,if I do say so myself,no homo though.She is not ratchet or lose.She is smart too.She met this guy Joe*,he is in her study group and they were spending a lot of time together,she liked him a lot,found him funny and everything but the guy never made a move on her.She decided to be bold and asked him out,he was so uncomfortable,told her he had always thought of her as a friend,that she would make some guy very happy one day and patted her head awkwardly!She wanted to die!
We went over all the signs she ignored and I am going to tell you all about them so you will know if he ditches you in there.
The friend zone is a state of being where a male inadvertently becomes a ‘platonic friend’ of an attractive female who he was trying to intitate a romantic relationship. Females have been rumored to arrive in the Friend Zone, but reports are unsubstantiated.My list will substantiate them.

1.He calls you dude, mate or bruh.
This is actually funny,guys call each other mate or dude when hanging out,doing their guy stuff.So if he ever calls you dude in a text,or when you are just talking,then dude(lol),you have been served-with the friend zone.

2.He only hangs out with you in public.
If you have never seen this guy outside school,or work or Gallitos (where you and the rest of your study group sometimes eat lunch)then take a cue,he counts you as one of his friends.He might text you a lot you in private,but that is because he likes talking to his friends.If he wanted to know you better,then he would meet you somewhere else where you will be alone,and talk,or do other unfriendly stuff.

3.He talks to you about hot chics and flirts with them.
A pair of endless chocolate legs passes in a tight skirt and he whistles loudly and tells you damn!Then girl,its time to move on,A guy who wants to be with you thinks you are the hottest girl in the world,he might look at others but you will never hear about it,and most definitely, he will never touch.

4.There is no physical contact between you two.
A guy who wants to be with you shows it,his hand will “accidentally” brush on your bust while he reaches out for something,his hand will creep on yours in the movies,his hand will be on your back when crossing the road…He will find chances to touch you.But a with a friend,well that never happens.

5.He buys you beer.
Guys are turned off by a woman who drinks beer,so when out with their girlfriends you will see them buying them girly drinks like Redds or King Fisher and the likes but if a guy buys you Guinness Kubwa,chic,you are one of his boys.

6.Dutch Treat
Traditioanlly,a guy pays the bill,in the restaurant at the bar or wherever,but if he asks you to split it every time,then he does not care much about what you think of him.He is saving his money for when he will have a “real” girlfriend.

7.You feel it in your gut.
If your gut tells you that he is stringing you along,then accept and move on.Intuition is never wrong my darlings.

8.He sets you up on dates.
This is hilarious,if a guy tries to hook you up with his mate Paul while you have been making puppy eyes at him,that is it,mike on the floor move on.

Do not be like Sheila,find yourself a guy who will notice when you wear mascara,because honestly you are to him p***y in a glass case to be broken only incase of an emergency!

Thoughts down below will be appreciated!


12 thoughts on “Welcome to the friend zone!

  1. Hehe turns out me ordering beer everytime am out with guys I like might be the reason they don’t call back….also, I think if you (girl) always texts first is a hint you don’t cross his mind as often as you’d hope! Great read!

    • There you have it hun,now you know,next time order a cocktail,few men are impressed by a beer swinging chic,she comes off as a little bit abrasive and too in charge not to mention ratchet,Its okay to text first but not all the time too.
      Thanks for reading.

  2. lol,I find nothing wrong with being friend zoned;it actually protects you from a possible heartbreak in the future plus the bad feeling of feeling as is you are alone in the relationship…my philosophy is simple:yes I like her but si lazima ihappen.it’s not like my entire life depends on it hehe

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