He got older, but never grew,
For his life he can’t tell the truth.
How to love he ain’t got a clue,
Playing games like he’ll never lose you.

Try to talk to him, can’t get through,
Every day he’s a different dude.
These are the signs of a grown ass boy,
Better run for the hills,
I’m just trying to keep it real.

Those are the lyrics of a favorite song of mine,You Cant raise a man by K Michelle.There is irrefutable truth in those words,if he is grown and still acts like a child,only a miracle can change him.Let me tell you all about him before you start dating him,you will thank me.
The online urban dictionary defines a man child as grown man who is very immature other words that describe him are loser,wampler,douchebag,shite face among others.
It is easy to mistake man child’s behavior as charming but no,don’t get it twisted if he has any of the following characteristics then its time to go.

1.He is obsessed with playing video games.
If the man in question is your 14 year old nephew or your little brother and every waking moment of his life is video games then he gets a pass.But if the man sat for his k.c.s.e several years before the Thika Super Highway was constructed but spends all of his free time killing people in video games,or playing fifa,then girl,you have yourself a man child.
A grown man has a life outside his mothers living room or his one roomed cubicle.

2.His mother still does his laundry and his shopping.
This schmuck’s mother still does his laundry?This means she feeds him too,never mind his facial shrub.He is a man who is still a child.He has no idea of his shirt size or even pants.If you gave him money and sent him to a gentleman’s shop to get pants he would come back empty handed. Ladies,don’t hold your breath it will take him a little more time maturing.

3.He is a whiner and is petty.
If everything is a huge deal,his busted cuticles make him go on a one hour rant,or he does not shut up about all the pressure he is under at work or about his annoying boss then you have a man child Hun.Grown people realize that stress is part of life,they do not whine about every single detail of their lives they also realize that they have plenty to be thankful for and they focus on it.A man child is also petty,he will obsess over the tiniest details of a situation,he will make sure the focus of everyone is on the dumb shit he is obsessing over.Run the other direction before he changes your thinking to mirror his childish one.

4.He never apologizes.
It is always someone else’s fault with the man child.It is not his fault you catch him cheating,it is not his fault he drove your car into a ditch notwithstanding the fact that he was high as a kite,its not his fault his house rent is not paid…he never runs of excuses,sorry is not a word he is familiar with. Don’t kid yourself,making excuses for his behavior for he will never change.

5.He is ever broke.
If he takes you to Highlands Restaurant or any other lousy hotel on Tom Mboya street and asks you to split a Ksh 600 bill then its time to move on hun.This man child is super broke,he probably asked his mother for that shinny k you just saw him give to the waiter.He gets money but his irresponsible ways take all of it.This guy is always whatsapping you,he has is in no position to buy credit and call you,his way of cruising through life is buying data bundles for Ksh 20 bob.Give him two weeks,he will be in a jam and will need to burrow some lose cash from you.There is no hope for him girl,single but happy is easier for you.

6.He has serious commitment issues.
A man child only wants to hit it and quit it.If you are looking for anything past a first date then look the other direction,the man child will break up with you even if you are not in a relationship.His issues are so deep he cannot commit himself to saying no.

7.Gadgets define his worth.
It is a guys thing to want flashy complicated gadgets that women folk find mysterious.It is a normal thing actually to want to own the best money can buy.But if someone is broke but the moment he gets a little money rushes to buy that Harley Davidson soft tail while his debts pile from here to Mecca then congratulations,you made the cut,you and thousands of other women are heartbreaks waiting to happen.

8.His social circle gets bigger as he gets older.
For grown people,your social circle gets smaller as you get older,You have no time to hang out all day,you have a job,bills and other responsibilities.The little time you get to hang out is with other people who are like minded to you.You cannot remember the last time you sat at the bar with your high school or college friends.A man child however has all the time,he hangs out from Sunday to Sunday with fellow men children(ha ha)

9.He is abusive.
A man child will abuse you and constantly put you down.Do not be fooled to think that he is not abusive because he has never laid a hand on you,he might be abusing you emotionally by his words and actions.A grown man will make you feel better about yourself,he will never say anything to make you question yourself or your choices,he supports and when he needs to give his opinion about anything he does so respectfully and tactfully.

10.He does not want to meet your friends.
A man child will come up with every excuse in the book to make sure he never meets any of your friends.Is this an indicator that he does not intend to stick around?huh?You think about it.

Don’t ignore the signs,don’t lie to yourself that you can change him,you simply cant because,dear you just cannot raise a man!Give yourself time,you will meet a grown man somewhere!
Tell a friend to tell a friend.



  1. haha I love this one but about video games, naaa,I disagree like totally! I still play them whenever I hv time.Does that really make me a boy?fk no!
    nice 1 though. I should counteract it with a female version of this hehe

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