Musings Of A Gym Newbie

Like every other human being on this planet,who thinks is a grown up,I started this year by setting a few resolutions.Among them was that I would get fit and lose some weight while at it.Inactivity,a new job,some money and poor eating habits had set me at a place where my BMI chart screamed at me that I was overweight.That my friend, is not a very nice place.Clothes get tighter,you get self-conscious,that hatusemi wewe ni mnono sticker starts to get to you,you start getting comments from everyone,by the way what is up with that?You think I do not notice that am heavy nowadays?Who gave people the right to go around poking they noses in people’s business reminding them how big they have gotten and how they are about to burst?So uncool. I have never been a small chic,but I felt I needed to make some changes for me.So I went to the good doctor Google,he told me to change my diet and to incorporate some exercise to see changes.That I did,I got active,walking to walk for seven kilometers daily,and changing my eating habits.I began to see changes.But at some point I felt that my motivation was dwindling, I needed a support system.I decided to enlist the services of a gym.My best friend also decided to join me.We found a local one that has two gyms,one for lifting weights,you know where guys go to huff and puff while lifting seven hundred kilos of weights sweat and feel good about themselves*or so I thought*,and another girly one,where girls go to do aerobics,run or walk on the treadmill,ride the stationary bike or row on the rowing machine.For someone who has never seen the inside of a gym,this stuff was all very intimidating. We were ushered to the aerobics gym,a big room with a heavy red carpet,a stereo a stationary bike,a rowing machine and a treadmill,full mirrors all round the walls with pictures of ripped women in skimpy bathing suits showing off they beeline waistlines toned arms,six packs and round firm butts and motivational quotes and warnings next to their tooth paste smiles,reading”NO PAIN NO GAIN”,”DEDICATION AND HARD WORK” “DO NOT LEAN ON THE MIRROR” “NO BANGING OF WEIGHTS” “COMPLY WITH THE RULES” And such and such.The perimeter surrounding the carpet had fifty thousand pairs of sports shoes of all colors,some dusty meaning the owners had not been working out,dumbbells,light feminine weights.Cool remixes were playing off the stereo,we thought it was not as bad as we thought it would be.We changed and got ready for our first session. It was brutal!We were in for the work out of our lives we did sets of sit ups,lunges,crunches,squats,leg lifts,leg curls, side kicks,stretches and such and such.We were sweating bucketfuls.The instructor is a beast!I think he hates fat people,that and excuses!He told us to expect no mercy from him if we wanted to see results he was never going to go easy on us,we told him we were okay with that,woi we gave him power to torment us!He would not stop till he broke us.We had given ourselves pep talks so we took everything he told us and did it.We left there feeling like we had been beaten by a gang of men.It was tough. We almost did not show up for our second lesion we woke up all sore but we went anyway.A repeat of the first session with more vigor happened and after a week we felt like we were getting better. The second week was child’s play…till the day we were told to go to the downstairs gym for weightlifting…watch out for part two to hear how that went.