His Demons

He has it going on – obviously.A beautiful family,two children,an amazing wife a house in the suburbs,and a lucrative well-paying job in the medical field.He drives a good car and gets by just fine with people,even his juniors.He is a man of  moderate habits,five cigarettes a day,and a non drinker,supports Man-U religiously never misses a match.
He is a social person with an amazingly bubbly personality.But a close onlooker will tell you he has no one in his inner circle.He covers this with being nice to everyone but never too nice.
He is a decent human being in general,of course he has tried to step out on his wife or even succeeded who knows at this point.He sleeps in his house every night,never stays out late,yet he  is never there to help the kids with home work.His  wife says that he has not been intimate with her since their last child who happens to be 5 years old.Counselling has not been very helpful,or the sexy lingerie she adorns to help the situation.He pays all the bills around the house,he  is a great provider materially for his family.He gets from work every evening,parks in the garage,and does not come out for close to two hours when he gets out he goes straight to bed.In the morning,before getting ready for work,he goes to his car for a whole hour,to do what you might ask,after lots of fights with the wife about that annoying habit,he told her that all he does in there is listen to the radio.Of course she did not buy that for a second.She  bought a huge stereo but he still prefers his car radio.
His old photos tell a  clear tale.He used to be really cliche-tall dark and handsome.He still is tall but five shades darker his luster is gone.
He has a demon.A huge one,it has turned him into a former shadow of himself.Her little cute daughter just started walking and according to his wife he does not seem to know.He is uninterested in the affairs or fairing of his family.She has tried to leave him but the kids love their daddy and her heart tells her to stay and fix what is wrong.See,he  has not always been like this,she fell in love with a smart guy,who loved her,and a perfect gentleman.He was in love with the kids till baby number two happened.He changed,he started loving his car more than the family.

His temper is quicker than is used to be,his wife has been on the receiving end of it one too many times.

I am sure you are now puzzled,the man does not drink,is not having an affair,his wife has not cheated or anything that would break them like that.He has a good job,he is responsible yet something is just wrong.His problem is not the car,it is what is in the car.It is what he has been sniffing twice a day for the last five years.Its the crushed aspirin,diazepam or whatever.Its his long hand that picks extra ones at his job.It is his lab coat pockets. It.It is his demon,it has gotten everywhere,it is even in his marriage bed in form of erectile dysfunction.The problem is not his voluptuous wife’s lingerie,and no it’s not the baby flab.He likes his daughter,he sure would love to sit and watch her trot her chubby little feet but he cant.Guilt eats his flesh like corrosive acid would.It tears him p,so much he can not go to his son’s school for the parents meeting

He used to tell himself that it was not a problem,”I can stop anytime I want to”,he forgot the old adage that the heart is treacherous.His work is his dealer.He has wasted five of his years on that habit,He is hooked,He drove himself to rehab one day but he could not get out of his car,after two agonizing hour he simply drove off.

How can such a man be helped?