Why Being A Grown Up Sucks

Being a grown up sucks.It really does,it comes  with so much baggage that can easily plunge you into depression if not handled in the right manner.When I was younger,I would sit with the grown ups and wish I would grow up faster and join their little club,but now that am here,I wanna go back and be a teen!First of all grown ups are very judgy.They are competitive,aggressive and sometimes mean which they call honesty which is just an excuse they use to insult you.Its kinda hard to make friends with grown ups.They have their own little cliques where they hardly let people in,they will be cordial with you but unless you went to college with them,have been in the same Chama for not less than four years,or you grew up in the same hood,they never really let you in.
What sucks the most about being a grown up is how you worry about everything.Lets face it,we all care about what other people think of us.We therefore seek political and social correctness in our conversations.We nod and smile while talking to our bosses who we obviously hate but shed the pretentiousness when we get home and get all cocky.
I hate being a grown up,I hate the responsibilities that have come with joining this messy club.I hate that I cannot just eat my darn cookies without counting the calories.I hate that the number on the scale makes me add one more mile in my morning run.I hate that I cannot just call out they lady from the other cubicle and tell her to get off her high horse and out of the “Saved” group and deal with her crumbling marriage,but I can’t,because that is not grown up behavior.I hate that I know where money comes from,I hate bills.Being a kid is a lot easier,because some one else takes care of that.
Being a grown up has made me realize that not all dreams come true,that true friends are really hard to come by,that life is shorter than YOLO,that everything comes at a price,that love is not a movie,no one has time to run after your ass in the rain holding a boombox over their head chanting your favorite love song,that being number one is sometimes overrated,and that nothing lasts forever.
I miss my naivety and my innocence.I miss how much time I had for everything,now,even the smallest chores have to be squeezed in somewhere.I wish I could go back and apologize to my naps for being a jerk to them in nursery school!I would give anything to have one everyday!
I know I speak for a lot of people when I say that being a grown up is the most overrated expectation kids have.
What sucks the most for you?



I have been lazy, but I am back.
I am going to tell you a story,tear-jerking,heartbreaking yet so maddening you will want to punch something.It is a story of a girl and a man-a douche bag of epic proportions,an egotistical moron whose place in this world is behind bars,in solitary confinement where he is supposed to get no food till he gets so hungry he eats his own rotting flesh(too many movies,I guess)
This man’s name is George,a standard eight drop out,his day job is a golf caddy,yaani those guys who assist golf players to carry their golf clubs and the like,he earns a gross income of ten thousand shillings a month which is a pretty tidy amount considering he lives just next to the golf club so he uses no money on transportation.The perks of his jobs are that he sometimes gets tips from the rich golf players,he doubles as a car washer and so when the players go to have a beer after their matches,he cleans their cars and gets extra cash.He is very athletic,he enjoys sports and so during weekends and evenings after he leaves work,he helps coach a girls soccer team that trains in his old primary school.He has a fulfilling life.
Seven years ago he meet a beautiful girl on the soccer team.She was a petite light-skinned sixteen year old,lets call her Pauline. Naive as they come,shy and without much self-confidence who had just joined high school.He swept her off her feet and two months later she was pregnant.She quit school to her folks dismal and moved in with him.Her folks thought she was too young to take on wifely duties.She was an only child and her folks although not rich,they had made sure she had a pretty alright child hood,they were therefore willing to let her take a year off school give birth and they would help care for her child as she finished her studies.George convinced her otherwise,he told her he would take care of her and their baby,that they would never lack a single thing,that he was a hard worker and therefore perfectly capable of running a household.His folks thought he was a little young too to be married,as he was just twenty-three years old. Well,they decided they were grown ups and just like that they started they lives together.
Flash forward to today,two children and another one on the way, regrets,tears and a sense of hopelessness is all they have to show.George is thirty,a well accomplished and decorated wife beater,a womanizer,and a celebrated alcoholic.Pauline is a former shadow of herself,she has lost two front teeth to his temper.Her petite figure is gone,it is replaced by bones.Hated by her in-laws and abused by a man who once swore he would do anything for her,has left her hopeless and angry at life.
Two weeks ago she started having pains on her lower back pain and had to go to the hospital,George was passed out in his own pee and vomit,she had to bear the pain and bring herself to the hospital.She is at least 24 weeks early,the doctors needed an emergency obstetric scan to know the way forward,she had no money,no phone and no way of going to get the scan which she could only get 15 kilometers from the hospital.She had given up,the doctors could not discharge her as they feared she would lose the baby.A good Samaritan offered to pay for the scan.She had given her the tear jerking story of her marriage and all the pain she was in.Her folks had given upon her after many failed attempts to rescue her from the plight she was in.They told her that their house was always open for her and her children.After being in the hospital for two weeks without a single visit from the George,she told her folks she was ready to go home.She was leaving his hopeless ass.They were overjoyed!
On the day she was discharged,her folks came to pick her.George showed up too,looking like a bad joke,his breath leaking of cheap street liquor with clothes so dirty he looked like he just crawled out of a cave .It was obvious who Pauline was leaving with,I mean duh?
Can you imagine everyone’s shock when she left with him?I was furious and livid.Do people ever learn?The only thing this guy was good at was beating her,cheating on her,he does not provide for her or the children,Pauline does odd jobs to feed herself and her kids.Why would she for the love of God leave with this sorry bastard!At what point does she say that enough is enough?Why?Why?
She was my childhood best friend,we went to school together,we had ideas and dreams and what and where she is right now was never part of the plan.She makes me so mad.
How can she be helped?