Twenty one days ago I saw a notification on WordPress wishing me a happy anniversary,apparently I have been blogging for one year.I did not think of it  as much but later I did.I realized that if I did not have encouraging readers I would have given up months ago.That is why I decided to write this post and give out a personal shout out to all of you who read my stuff.

First off is my main man Cj.This crazy person I believe is my number one fan.He and I go back,from sworn enemies to very good friends.You are always the first person to read and comment,and that way,you encourage me to keep writing.Thanks alot.About that kuku,coming up soon.

Number two is Mack,if you are looking for cool,then this guy is the epitome of cool,a good critic and a good buddy of mine.Thank you for placing coolness after loyalty and taking the time to read my rantings!
Mary,best friend of eight years and counting thank you hunni,we have been through a lot,you pushing me,reading my stuff*even the unpublished ones in the big ol’ diary*means alot!Listening to my crazy ideas and being loyal to this blog,means everything.
Caleb,my buddy on twitter,don’t know you very well but thanks alot for taking time off your busy life to pass by read and leave a comment.
Cheupez,doctor you have been lost,am coming over to your blog to see what mischief you have been up to.And thank you for reading and telling me what you think.Thanks for allowing me to read and comment on your stuff,your blog gives mine great refers!
My brothers,Irush,Samir,lexxus,254 scorpio paul,thanks guys.Especially Irush,you are a very faithful reader,you have been here since the very first post,means alot.You and I are gonna get that probox and sell tomatoes and cabbages off its boot mchana na usiku ikue taxi!And our business manager will be my cousin Suzzy.Ama aje?
Kev thanks for always keeping me on my toes,knowing you will read the stuff I write makes me careful and choose the word more wisely,Thanks alot.
Aza and Eric,thanks for being my visitors,who show up take the back seats read,walk out and text me and tell me your thoughts later.Thanks Aza for challenging me,to be even better at this,if I ever get published,drinks on me!
My fellow bloggers tkimani,Renee,Vickay,Nancieroxx and lynderpepper,asanteni sana.You make me better,when I read your blogs,I get motivated to be better.
Muesh,Pastar,Alex,Ruth,Trops,Wambui(wa nyawira), Judy.Thank you very much.You are all very special to me.Without you,I would have no audience to tell my stories to.Thank you for reading,telling me your thoughts and for always drawing me out of my writers block.
To all of the occasional readers,I am thankful for you too.You are the reason I get those stats!
If I ever get published,I know you will be my readers too,but I know that is not anytime soon,so let me keep telling you stories,laugh at my pain if you may.

24 thoughts on “SHOUT OUT!

  1. I like that.we will make millions outta probox. thank God for the Japs, more importantly, thank God for you and your good work.

  2. thankyou for the refreshing stories. i enjoy them alot n i dnt usually say that when i read many blogs. keep up the good work. n thanks for the shout out.

  3. Always a pleasure coming here to find a couple of new posts! I secretly wish I had the kind of flow of thoughts that you have. (well, not so secret anymore,huh?)Probably the most important thing to have if you are an author. Anyway, congrats on your anniversary and cheers to a great 2014:-)

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