I recently read an awesome book called second nature.I got it from a friend who said that I needed to read it because the protagonist reminded him of me.So I had  to read it.When I got it,I wont lie,I did not like it.It was old,hard cover old,It was first published in the fifties.Now I wondered how that book could remind anyone of me.I did not touch it for a whole month till my friend texted me and told he wanted it back.I decided it would be rude to return it without reading it.So I decided to start reading it,it was after all just two hundred and eighty pages.I must apologize for judging it by its cover,it turned out to be  one of the most interesting and thrilling reads I have had in a long time.Its about a girl who is trying to write a book in the summer.She is at the prime of  her adolescent years,shes is adored by her friends and loved by her family.She is a very witty teen,older than her years I might add,She talks about her friend Eloise who in the begining of the book is pinning over lost love.She is a pretty girl but her pessimism is depressing for lack of a better word.She refuses to date or even keep alot of friends.She and the protagonist whose name is Annie get along just fine anyway.But in a twist of events,Eloise gets the happy ending as she and ends up with a pre med student Annie had met while working at a vets office,and Annie is crushed she  was very much in love with the guy.I am not very good at book reviews,I have actually never reviewed anything before.I must say this though,I picked a phrase from the book and if you hear me drop it in conversations,that’s whats up.Its actually an insult,telling someone that they are very lazy intellectually,especially people who cant hold conversations 🙂 I see you trying to hit me with a shoe so Iv dropped it.

Anyway,moving on.Am sure you have  heard the cliche if the deal is too good think twice,you probably saw a sticker in a jav reading the same.If my friend Jill had ever heard of it,she never stopped to think of it at all.She is a very aggressive person with big dreams,she wants to do big things with her life.She once told me that she will be a billionaire by the time she hits 30.I support her dreams but I always try to make her face reality,I tell her that they is nothing wrong with starting from the bottom and slowly climbing up.You gotta start from somewhere girl,billionaires don’t grow on tress,I cannot tell you how many times I have told her that.That is probably the reason she decided not to inform me when she met struck “a gold mine”.

A lady approached her and told her that she likes helping young people.Her husband works in a prestigious hotel that hosts tourists and foreigners as a valet.He gets lots of tips but inform of foreign currency,that is dollars Euros and pounds.He is a very busy man and she too is busy they therefore needed a person to run their bank errands,that is go change the currency into local ones,and get 20% in  every single note she changed.She was ecstatic that was easy money right there.She jumped on the offer and made her 8k in three days.The next deal was gonna be even bigger and better.She was going to make around 100Gs.The lady and her husband just needed   something to hold hostage to be sure that when Jill made she would not turn on them.They needed fifty thousand shillings,this is where Jill was supposed to be suspicious but she didn’t.She went home,took out her savings,sold some of her stuff and even took a tiny loan from a friend.She took the money and got the dollars euros and pounds,converted to Kenyan shillings she would her a total  of five hundred thousand shillings and after converting it she was entitled to close to a hundred GS.Young naive moron was happy.The lady and her a husband advised her and told her to be very careful.They had met at The Mug along Ngong road at the prestige plaza,Jill leaves at Kikuyu,she wanted to go home and make the exchange the following day.They told her not not use the Kawangware route since it would be not only unsafe but likely to have the usual traffic jam.She decided to go to town and take a jav from there.

She alighted the jav and as son as she alighted,these two gentlemen dressed in elegant suits told her to hand over the loot.She was like,are you kidding me?She wanted to break into a run but the barrel of a gun jabbing on her  rib cage was no joke.She decided it was not worth it,she handed the loot to the gentleman.

She stood in the middle of the road her hands clasped behind her head calling serikali!The lady and her husband also disappeared into thin air!She never actually knew what hotel the guy worked in she had no way of tracking them.Her fifty GS were gone.All she is saying this days is if the deal is too good,think very hard!

12 thoughts on “A REVIEW AND A CON STORY

  1. “She stood in the middle of the road
    her hands clasped behind her head
    calling serikal” She what? I would hv fallen for it just like her. Can i laugh? Hehehe!

  2. Hahaha, your expressions just kill me! Ati hands clasped behind her head calling serikali! Sad I know but I blame you for making me laugh at her misfortunes 😛

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