The Scare

I usually tell myself that i can deal with anything apart from sickness.I have never been sick,you know seriously sick like admitted in the hospital sick.I get the usual cold,which is sorted in a week with over the counter medication.The only time in my adulthood I had to see a doctor was a few years ago when I had tonsils.Well until today.
I started scratching my back on Sunday. I had pain, burning, numbness and tingling on the right side of my back all round to just below my right boob.At first I thought I had an allergy reaction to something I eat.But the itching and scratching intensified. A A red rash begun jana I had chills,fatigue,a constant headache and a general body achiness.I got worried and decided to see a doctor.
I walked to his office and found him on the phone.I did not even take a seat as I knew we were just gonna get over and done with it in a few minutes.He finished his call and we started talking,he happens to be a friend so we had alot to talk about,but I had left my post open so I told him I needed him to check out my back.He did,while keeping a constant chatter,my head was like dude,am shirtless,lets not have any form of conversation till I dress.He asked me for how long I had been itching,to describe the pain etc
I thought he would prescribe me some cream and tell me to keep off proteins or something.But he didn’t,he got all serious and told me to have a seat,the mood went from joking to serious in a span of 26 milliseconds.He started explaining.
“Everyone gets chicken pox when they are young.You cant get it twice,but the same virus that causes it,can attack you when you are older it is called varicella-zoster virus also known as herpes zoster. ”
I kid you not I jumped off my seat like a crazy person.
“HERPES? WHAT?”my eyes were popping out of my face than they would on a Gaddo cartoon!
He told me to calm down and explained that they are three types of herpes and this one was not sexually transmitted,it just occurred because of low immunity,he told me that immunity can be low because of pregnancy.low blood sugar or HIV/AIDS.He started talking to me like I had HIV!!
“Don’t worry,anybody can get it…”
I just smiled,I told him I was clear,he asked me when I took my last test I told him I have never had to take one,he insisted that I had to take one to be sure.
I agreed to take it,the lady at the vct jumped on my bones like a joke.
“How many sexual partners do you have?Do you use protection?”
I wanted to laugh.I just told her that I did not need counselling,I just needed the darn test.She told me that to make sure I never go they again she would show me how to put on a condom,lets just say am scared for life!!
I got my results,went and got a blood sugar test and all was clear.He finally prescribed me some medicine.But I kid you not,that was no laughing matter.If you work where I work and see and touch the things I touch everyday,you would have trouble controlling your bladder if you heard what I heard.Its a very dangerous environment where you are exposed to all sorts of you know what.
Have you ever had such a scare?Share your story!

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