I have zero faith in the police force and justice system in Kenya and i have plenty of reasons to back me up  but I will just give you one,in form of a bit of a story,which by the way is true.

There is a bus that stops at Kinoo going to limuru every morning at 6.45am. Any time am working the day shift,i use this bus to get to work,It is not only cheap, but it is also convenient,reliable fast and does not have Maina  his nonsense  or a dancehall mix playing on repeat meaning that i can read something on my way.

On Monday morning i got in the bus,fished out my book,put on my earphones and started reading.Somewhere along the way i got a neighbor who i did not look at twice,i was really engrossed in the book,plus it was  in vernacular so all  of my attention was on it.Another person boarded the bus and even though  there were empty seats,the weirdo decided to stand.He refused to sit down for i don’t know what,since he was  not interfering with me i carried on with my reading,i mean,don’t we need the weirdos too?.He alighted a  stage before limuru and my neighbor decided to become chatty chatty with me.That is when i gave him a good look I knew him from somewhere,my mind quickly placed him,i shut my book and quickly stood up,earphone dangling on my neck and hurriedly changed seats i felt my insides turn and churn.I was about to scream at him to stay away from me!I was ready to hurl a few obscenities  his way to reinforce my statements.But i did none of that,i told my self ,”self,we need to calm down”.

See, this guy was my mums “friend”,he was her boss,they became more friendly and they were dating or something.My mother discreetly kept him from our home,but we all knew him.He never met us,but he knew of our existence.When he started being abusive though, she decided to end things.He started acting up and being all nice,so she got back with him  and never took any legal action against him.The violence did not stop and as i wrote earlier,we all know how that ended.

He is one of the dumbest killers i have ever heard of,he took her to his house and a day later the cops took him in custody and my mum to the morgue,and seeing that no testimony was required as he had made things easy,we all expected a speedy trial.We knew that no jail term would bring my mother back,we just wanted the psycho locked up and the key thrown away.He was from around we could never feel safe with him lurking somewhere knowing he cold bloodedly killed our mother.

Well shock was on us,when after the funeral we heard  that he was out!The richness all around unsettled him for he had  affluence.He brought his freedom.We were appalled and my aunts  and uncles went to talk to the cop who was handling his case,he said that he was just out on bail  and that there was an ongoing trial.Wait,bail?For murder?Unbelievable!They made a racket there and they had to be told to step out.They befriended a cop who would tell them of the court date,he was just a thirsty junior cop who did more harm than good.He took money from them and they never heard of him.

There was no trial.The guy was never  even arraigned as it is required by law  for each arrested person.He spent two days in police custody during when the negotiations were underway probably and let go later.He did not even move or skip town.Its like he was giving us the ”On your face!” thing.My elder brother wanted to take matters into his own hands.He had a plan, to beat him up,but leave him conscious,tie his legs with barbed wire on the back of a  pick up then drive off on a gravel road with him dangling,sounds cruel, right?Well i had better ideas,but we knew that we were nobodys,we  would be hurled in jail so fast our heads would spin.So we let it go.Seeing the idiot in the bus,and the fact that he could not recognize me despite the obvious resemblance between me and my mum,flooded a gazillion type of emotions in me.I felt a repugnance i had never felt before,i was nauseated!

i don’t know,if you were me,would you really trust the justice system in this place?Is there any justice in this world really?Petty offenders are jailed and punished with a shocking zeal yet,bloodshedders(?) like our Mr X are handed their freedom and a chance to start over.Like Eric Wainana sung,this is truly Nchi ya kitu kidogo.There is not much we can do.We wait for God,He is the avenger after all.