Remotes And Bathrooms.

When we  were young,my mum used to beat us up if we became unruly.I remember one time my brother was given the beating of his life mpaka he ran away from home and went to my grandmas to his chagrin however he was brought home at night and given “something to cry about”.I used to fear the cane,and stayed away from drama,for most of the time.The cane however ruined my brother,he became immune to pain,he would literary poke his fingers into mother nose,he became rebellious. Rather that the cane instilling discipline in him,it made him more hard headed.Seeing how he turned out,i vowed to never lift a hand at my future kids,when i became my younger brothers mother following my mothers demise however things changed.I came to a cross road,to cane him or not.

He is generally a cool kid.He listens, and if my sister or  I tell him that something is wrong and should not be repeated,he turns over a new leaf.You will not have the same conversation about something twice.He is becoming a responsible one too,he clears the table after  meals,he makes his bed,washes some of his clothes and  helps with easy chores around the house.When he went to class four,he became friends with a boy i did not exactly approve of.He is the kind of kid who looks wiser than his years.He always has something to say,he knows everything which is a little odd for a kid his age.One time i came home from work and met wit my little brother at the gate going to the shops to buy biscuits clutching on a two hundred shillings note,I do not leave that kind of money in the house he told me it was his friends money,i told him to return it,we get to the house,and the kid is lying on the couch remote in hand flipping channels like he owns the place.I was lost for word,i politely asked him to leave and told my brother i did not want to ever find him there.I did not hear of him for some time,then during the holidays,my brother wanted to go and take his bike to where they put pressure in the wheel(i don’t know if that is what i should have said there,but si una elewa?)Normally,i give him thirty bob and its  enough.I did not have loose money so i gave him a two sohk and told him to come back with the change.He comes home with nothing and tells me the bike had to many punctures and it cost him the whole amount.I trust him, i have never had a money incidence with him so i do not really question him..I go outside later and the bike is even in a worse state than it was before!It turned out that his friend  told him they split the money and lie to me.I let him off with a stern warning. I was so tempted to cane him.Forgive me but i started  to really hate that kid(the friend) he was too fast, too sly, such a smooth talker and lies with a straight face.

We have not had any other incidences till yesterday.I had a long day,my head hurt,my braids were too tight,and the day was so slow.I could not wait to get home and just lie down.I get home,shower and lie on the couch,watch news after that i decide to watch an episode of flash point before retiring to bed.I have one of those silly japan  china DVD players that cannot function without a remote control.I try locating it but cannot find it,i remember that i found a  Ben ten CD on the player so my bro must have had it.I ask him where it is and he goes pale,he rushes to the bedroom and comes with his school bag and proceeds to unpack,he tells me he must have put it there by mistake but it is not there.He searches under the seats,on his bed everywhere but no joy.My annoyance is beginning to take the better part of me.I am raising my voice,he is panicking.I ask him who he was with earlier and its the same boy i banned from my house.I get mad.This is the first time he has shown such unrelenting behavior!I ask him to call his friend, relax he lives one compound from ours.Ten minutes later and he still hasn’t come back my sister points out that pengine he got scared and he is hanging outside .I decide to go look for him.I go outside the gate hoping to find him there but i don’t. I go to the next compound and realize i don’t even know what the boys house number is.I decide to go look outside the houses,hoping to find my brothers shoes.I do the first block and realize how crazy that is,I leave.I meet with my brother outside our gate .

”Unatoka wapi?Si kwa kina Kevo ni na huku?” I ask in a voice i almost don’t recognize.

“Walihama,”, he answers.

“Ako wapi?”

“Amesema ni angalie kwa bafu” he replies in a small voice.

“Ati ndani ya bafu?iki fanya nini huko?mlikua mnai osha?” i ask walking towards the house.

True to his word,the remote is in the bathroom in the glass we put toothbrushes, disemboweled.I shoot him a murderous look and he jumps to his defense,it was Kevo–again!Ah-ah,,this stops today! Before i cane him out of anger,i have to explain to him why  i am doing it i ask him to bring an appropriate “weapon”.He brings a mwiko,trembling.I remind him of the times i have told him not to roll with that Kevo character,making sure i put emphasis to the damage he has done.When am done he tearfully tells me to forgive him for the mara ya mwisho.He assures me,i wont hear of him again.I decide to let him off the hook but he cannot watch t.v till i say so!

Ican see remorse in his eyes.That is as close as i came to whooping his behind!Do you think i should have?leave me a comment.

17 thoughts on “Remotes And Bathrooms.

  1. Even if you dont whoop his behind make sure he understands his wrong doing. Parenting is a huge task though, jehovah guide yo!

  2. Well, childhood experiences haunt us in adulthood, and today i am suffering the pain of the whip that my parents aggrandised…. such a good thing to do to discipline children, but when it’s too much getting used to the pain is what’s expected. Nice article, Njoki, keep it up.

  3. I will put it this way: you nailed it. The main point of discipline is for him to get it in his head that he must correct his way and he should also understand why that is so. In this case it seems he understood but how sure are you he woun’t pull a fast one on you next time, feigning remorse? I think next time don’t let him off easily

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