The Pharisee and Other Thoughts

This post is pretty much about bitching and hating or as my girl Nancie roxx calls it, constructive criticism.So if you have a problem with that I suggest you take your leave,they wont be no happy thoughts or sunshine here.Its all cold. dark and gloomy literally and symbolically.First of all, I gotta hate on my next door neighbor now I think its important I let you know my home situation,I am the kind of neighbor who everyone thinks is a snob,and rightly so.I mind my own business.I run a pretty busy life,full of activities so i have absolutely no time to play house and act all nice and stuff,plus my best friend and her family live a few houses from ours so that’s all the neighbor I need.Now my next door neighbor is a guy,who looks okay and sane to me.He chips fungas occasionally,or malenge funga as my sister likes referring to his chipos but that is his darn business.The partition that separates our houses is kinda tricky so if i decide to turn the volume knob of my system up l will interrupt with his comfort and sleep,so we keep it average,and he does the same for most of the time.Last night though was a different story though.I think he went to church and decided to give his life to Christ a decision I would applaud as it might go a long way to saving him a few trips to the doctor who treats claps and diseases that come from too many a chipos. Thing is he decided he wanted to repent and pray so loudly,as if that was not enough noise he decided he needed motivation so he put on some loud worship songs and would pray like he is in church,Keep in mind that it was way past eleven.At that moment i wished i knew some NEMA guys That dear reader as you can imagine did not sit well with me,as i could not sleep!I was to wake up early and get ready to work,i therefore needed my sleep,lets just say he finished talking to God at around 1.30 am and there was no for interrupting as whatever he was telling God could not wait. That explains up my current mood and exhaustiveness.
Moving on,next item on my agenda. Without naming names I have to say this,do not ever do things for people expecting them to do the same to you.Do not think for a second people will respect you for being nice,some will but the bigger percentage will not.And if you are in the habit of mistaking peoples kindness for weakness, there is a special place in hell just for you.Keep your promises and be an adult,let your yes mean yes and no mean no.
Agenda number three,if you are in your twenties do everything you want to and desire to before you hit mid life crises and start doing stuff that is just not cute.Case and point,last week a friend of mine,my sister  and I were kicking it at my house doing what we do when we get together,id like to say drink wine and sound bad ass but no,we drink tea and buns and sometimes make a salad,we watch a movie then afterwards rip off the cast,the plot the production and basically the entire movie.But on the day in question,we were watching RNB music videos.We came up with the following conclusions and if some one you like is affected our bad.Usher and Tyrese have hit mid life crises hard and serious,we get that sex sells but lately all we ever seem to hear from Usher is making love,climaxing and videos involving bondage and slavery if that is not menopause in men i don’t know what is.Tyrese and Ludacris are singing about bitches and bottles and clubs,if that came from Trey Songs,Chris brown or for the sake of saying Bieber it would havebeen a little acceptable but this are grown ass men, haven’t they been they and done that?Ne-yo needs to tone down the gay too,red shoes are not acceptable on men,unless that man is i don’t know Nick Mutuma?That said,do you when you can there is nothing worse than doing things when you are in your thirties that you should have done earlier,when time has passed you.To tell you the truth am sticking to my Breaking Benjamin 30 seconds to mars,flyleaf,paramore,skillet slipknot and the rest these RNB guys are becoming too freaking much.
Am taking a short course that is just a throne in my flesh,keep in mind that the last time i studied for an exam was over two years ago so yeah.There are no definite seasons here in Africa but you best believe its already winter in Limuru. My fingers are numb,no amount of coffee, tea and jackets can redeem us!
Am out though.Someone or something was gonna be the reason of this post but no, i really needed to blow off some steam,if you are offended am sorry but i will not apologize for the opinions i have on things you are entitled to yours too.Before i go,i gotta say this,if you are in the university or have been and you went  those philosophy classes i hear they teach there,i would respect you a whole lot more if your opinions especially on God were not instilled by some professor but from your own critical thing!
Enjoy the rest of your week and pray for us in diaspora we don’t  die from the cold in this place.

18 thoughts on “The Pharisee and Other Thoughts

    • Mwangi,he is,stuff he does is crazy and i know this post had a loadful of typos but don’t mind them,it went up before we could finish editing for some very weird reason.And you gotta check out Nancies blog,you will laugh till it hurts.Thanks for reading.

  1. hey ur neighbour s a hoe mercyie.luv such guys so u shld do me a small favour of introducing me to him nywe he nids councelling atumie mipira asife ovyo jo n he must be so hawt btw..LOL

  2. I kinda know such neighbours! But yours is the best from chips fungaing to speaking in tongues! Yall too hard kwa akina usher. Baridi ya limuru inataka watu wawili wawili.

  3. on usher all the RNB gays, nay guys i agree. and on your neighbour, well like you said, “do all the things u wanna do before u hit mid life crisis” great post even with the typos

  4. wow that chipo guy needs to get his act together ..he needs to decide wether to go to church ama do a service in his house……..good work gal

  5. hahaha,too much bitching n oh!u shud attend th philosophy class view tht u’ldn’t respect sam1s opinion abt God cz of tht class is quite unsound n obviously invalid.peace!!!

  6. C.j the stuff i have heard most guys talk about after attending those classes have made me come to that conclusion,many of them only started looking at things that way only coz someone told them too but not coz they sat down, thought clearly and came to such conclusions.

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