Back To The Hustle

Six weeks ago,I was standing in the Health Admins office with my leave forms waiting for his signature.I was feeling like a kid who was  about to close school for a really long vacay. I was ecstatic, I was finally getting my hard earned and deserved break.I had everything planned out.I will tell you of the activities i had planned out and how many I  actually  got done.

1.Improve on my spirituality-I have had remarkable of success in this department and I can confidently say that am not at the same place  I was six weeks ago*making it sound like its five years ago*

2.Go GP Karting-After watching a few episodes of Formula one,i felt like i could do this.I asked around and found out that I could go to  Carnivore road off Langata Road. Racing Circuit, Nairobi.

3.Bowling-I now  realize  how super blonde this is,and before you rip me apart,i did not go for bowling at the village market.
4.Swimming-I don’t know how to swim and I was hoping I would at least learn how to,that conversation between me and one of my buds was ended when she agreed to first get me a swimsuit,Mwesh,hun am still waiting.
 5.Go for a nature walk at safari walk-Oh well,that walk lacked supporters even on Easter Monday! Yeah Chrissy,you never  got back to me.That is not something you can do alone.
6.Go to to Fourteen Falls-This had actually been planned last year at Karura Forest by my retarded friends and I,how those plans went no one can explain.We even had a designated driver.Maybe next time,part of the reason i need you Mr Van Goth to get well soon so that we can start planning all over again.
Those were some of the things I  had clearly outlined in my mental diary that had to be done before going back to work but,only one of them was actually accomplished.
Instead of them,I did other stuff,I watched a tonne of movies,reality shows,series and read three books.I listened to all the music that was just just sitting there two albums by Florence and the machine,Flyleaf,Straind,Paramore and Mumford and sons,I actually enjoyed this music,a very smart friend of mine who says stuff like see you later alligator while texting had told me that I was only going through a phase music wise,my dear,i am in love with this and other bands.I cooked,cleaned tried new recipes,had friends over, watched The Kethi Kilonzo show stayed up late watching my movies  and even went to a wedding.
I might not have had a chance to do all the things i wanted to do,but I got the rest I needed.I am back and ready to go nonstop for the next six months!
 And am back,keep reading people!Oh and for some advice,while on leave be a miser with your money,you get broke fast!

13 thoughts on “Back To The Hustle

  1. why is bowling a blonde idea? i happen to like it…..its a nice pass-time with friends…although your friends and mine sound very much alike, we never get to do all the things that we plan, only the spur of the moment things get done… nice piece

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