South C and Kasarani.

On Friday for lack of something better to watch,i found myself watching #Tujuane, a reality dating show in which the hosts scouts the streets of Nairobi looking to match make various single people encountered on the street.Well, were treated to some drama by the South C diva who thought the guy from Kasarani was “pathetic”.Her attitude and diva-ness stood out the entire time,the cool guy was silently watching her am sure wishing that the cameras were not rolling.At the end of the show,the lady left after paying the bill,totally ignoring the guys visa card as he attempted to take care of the bill.That chic wherever she is, is sorry already for the way she acted tweets,memes and trolls are all over.She will never hear the end of that story.She will be single for a loooong time.That should teach you divas a lesson or two on etiquette and courtesy,plus you never know where and with who you just might end up with.
I wrote the story below months ago and just let it sit on my drafts as i did not have an appropriate introduction,thanks to Tujuane,am now happily posting it.As you read it,think of all the people you have heard who were thrown out of marriages because they could not conceive.Contrast,and notice how some wont appreciate what they have while others would simply kill to have it.
Maria is a scared woman.She has been for years now.Her friends think she should see a shrink,but she wont hear none of it.She hates her mother she has not talked to her for close to 10 years now.She heard of how she is dying,wasting away in a hospital,paying for her misdeeds as it is but that did not touch her.She blames every misfortune she has ever had on her mother.
She was only fourteen,a candidate at a local primary school,ready to do her final exam and go to high school.Her family was poor,they lived in a single room all six of them,her mother and four younger brothers.She had never seen or heard of a father.Her mother did all sorts of odd and menial jobs to ensure they was rent,food and that all five of them were put through school.What Maria didn’t know was that what her mother earned was never enough for everything.She often saw uncle Mulama come to their house once in a while with a bag of shopping,sugar,two packets of maize flour,rice,a bar of soap,a loaf of bread,and sometimes a kilo of matumbo.Maria’s mother would send her and the boys for an errand and when they came back uncle Mulama would have been gone
Uncle Mulama was a tall dark man with a frowny face.Maria used to think that he was about 67 years old.Her mother was 40.He was a very cheerful man,he loved the boys he would play with them when he came to visit Maria’s mother.He was a night guard at the city for a bank.He once brought Maria a new school uniform and a pair of shoes,the girl couldn’t have been happier.He lived two blocks away from the plot where Maria and her family used to stay.
It was a hot afternoon when Maria came home to find her mother lying on the Mattress writhing in pain,her brow wet with perspiration her teeth clenched tightly.Amid gasps,she asked Maria to send the boys to uncle Mulamas and asked her to remain behind.Maria did so,she asked her if she could call the neighbor or the landlady to help them get her to the nearby health center,her mother refused.
When the boys went away, Maria’s mother asked her to come help her,she was in so much pain.
“Mami,where does it hurt?can i help you up?”,poor Maria asked despairingly seeing her mother overcome by pain.
“no…arrrgh……water…”she cried.
Maria went to get the water.Her mother now lay on the mattress with her legs astride,her skirt hiked,she was giving birth.Maria almost fainted,she had no knowledge of a pregnancy,It was a breech,the legs were coming out first.She was so shocked she dropped the mug of water on the floor,shattering it to uncountable pieces.
She was pushing,grunting in pain.The little beads of sweat on her forehead were now dripping on her neck,her nose was running,she was biting a towel to stifle her painful moans as she did not want her nosy neighbors to get wind of what was going on.After twenty agonizing minutes,the baby was finally delivered,all this time Maria was watching shaking shocked and scared as hell.She had never seen anything so disgusting. Her mother smothered the baby with a pillow till she was sure it was no longer breathing.She then carefully shoved it in a black polythene paper bag together with the placenta and all the soiled beddings. She handed it to Maria and told her to go put it in the pit latrine.Maria’s heart was beating,her hands were shaking,she had witnessed the most traumatizing ordeal of her life.She was crying as she shoved the paper bag in the latrine.A trail of thoughts and questions bombarded her innocent head.She could tell that the baby was about 6-7 months.It was a girl,the little sister she would never have.
She knew her life had changed,she never wanted to see her mother ever again .


16 thoughts on “South C and Kasarani.

  1. I had mixed feelings, most of them disgust and ire towards that chick, isn’t it always right to keep our opinions of others to ourselves than broadcast them, as in showing how diva’d we are? Jeez, it was one hell of a show….

  2. good 1,n i kinda understand where maria is coming from but she needs 2 4give n let go.always a pleasure reading ua blog

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