last week on Monday evening millions of Kenyans were glued to their t.vs watching the first ever presidential debate others followed it on radio.it was a truly historic moment.Jabs and blows were thrown and even the two last minute additions did not disappoint. It was to say the least, entertaining .This was evident form the tweets that people were sending in,in less than an hour #KEDebate13 and. #debate254 became the most popular hash tag on twitter,i mean after #poperesigns. A few days later,a local station hosted two candidates who are in the race for the Kiambu gubernatorial seat.In the true political style,one candidate hit his opponent right below the belt by openly asking him if he is in the infamous cult Illuminati all through the show that lasted less than twenty minutes he kept making snide remarks at him and you could tell that the other guy who is very new in the political scene was getting hit,at one point they were talking over each other and the host had a hard time trying to control them,reminding them that they were on national t.v.

This two shows got me thinking about the politics we daily live with in our homes,school and most interestingly at our places of work.I though of the estate politics we face all the time,i mean who doesn’t have a queer neighbor who never talks to anyone in the estate,but on day comes home at an ungodly hour wasted and decides to let everyone know who he is?And who doesn’t have that neighbor who is he estates radio?Who is maybe*in my case* a housewife with too much time on her hands, who spends her days doing house work and is done by around two and spends the rest of her day with all the house helps in the estate who are more than happy to trade in stories about their employers?*boy, that was a long sentence*And  who doesn’t have that neighbor with multiple girlfriend*or boyfriends*who come over every Friday and walk the walk of shame every Monday morning?And who doesn’t or hast lived with a neighbor who comes over for supper,never mind un-invited every day of the week and no matter how long you delay serving the supper he stays anyway while entertaining you with his unbelievable jav stories?and who doesn’t have that annoying neighbor with a ridiculously loud music system(like yours truly)and likes listening to loud music?Am sure we all do.

On to work politics.In this field i have been a victim,an oppressed soul a person who was almost devastatingly finished by work politics.Due to unavoidable circumstances,i forced to get a job while i was fresh from high school i got a job as a sales lay(or a hawker)and worked for less than 20 days,which i quit and found another job teaching at a kindergarten.The  pay was lousy but the hours were flexible plus who wouldn’t want a job where you take a nap straight after lunch for two hours?That job made me love kids,they are s adorable.It is also at that job where i first en counted work politics.Teachers are such nice and cool people to work with especially if they like you.BUT, don’t ever invite them to your house!Damn those creatures tear your life apart,they trade stories about your house,your wife(or husband)your kids,your furniture,YOUR EVERYTHING…They sit in groups during break time and lunch time and discuss you,stuff like.’kwani where does his money go?I mean those seats are pretty worn out!” another one will interject saying ‘waa,his wife is so thin,he looks like the sort  who feeds his family kwani what goes on huko?..”he was definatly cheated on kwanza,there is no way in hell those kids are his,they are too light”…and such and  such…My self i got my helping of work politics when they decided i was sleeping with one of the male teachers…i had been through high school and i had gone through the ritualistic mean girls(and boys) tongue wagging,worse rumors about me had been spread by people i thought were my friend.But those rumors hurt the most,i guess its because they were coming from adults,after high school i thought things were gonna be different i thought adults are different well i guess people are just the same whenever you go.Eventually the rumors died after i went through shame as i looked like a husband snatcher,FYI,i hated that guy,i cant even lie and say that we were just friends,we weren’t  Those rumors came as a shock to me.Eventually i stopped working there and went somewhere else where the grass looked much greener,i had made up my mind about the career path i wanted to take,it was NOT teaching.

Years later,i started working where i am today and i assure you hospital politics are far much worse than anywhere i have ever worked.The people here are meaner,with aggressive mediocrity its shocking.Medics are so ignorant and so brutal.Class distinction is vividly clear from what people drive(or get dropped in) to what people wear,never mind they wear uniforms.The hospital is literally run by these kind of politics,and the fact that almost all heads of departments are women does little to help.Gossip and rumor mongering is the order of the day.This stuff was flung at me when i was new,i assure you,i did not lose a wink of my sleep over it,i had survived worse!

Have a political weak wont you? Id ask you to steer off drama but that is so not gonna happen,drama surrounds us!Are you living with it in your workplace?or at home…tell me by leaving me a comment below.

My sound track while writing this was Breaking Benjamin Give me a sign-Awesome song.


14 thoughts on “Politics

  1. Politics are always there in any organization, what makes you stand out is how you take them as they come. Remember, an eye for an eye, we will all be blind. Great piece Jyoki

    • who hasn’t?thank you for reading am taking this opportunity to personally apologize for the various errors and spelling mistakes the post went up before we cud edit it but thanks tho for reading,

  2. Most interesting story I’ve read so far… I am laughing my heart out… never mind the whatevers we talked about… hiyo story ni noma. As soon as u started on the housewife, I thought u were the housewife but shock on me when I got it, it wz funny. U really nailed it with this one, Watchtower style.

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