The other day i was reading the October  of  the True Love magazine,as i was going to work and i saw a ka caption of a lady who said she lost 50 kgs in one year.She used to be 134 kgs but is now 75 kgs,she had me at weight.She has a website, that offers dietary advice on how to lose weight.I am not a sucker  for diets,i  have heard they work,i have never tried any though.Am a cynist,i did not believe that story and i emailed her.She among other things have decided,to be a thorn in my flesh today.

First of all, Kenya power could not have chosen a better time to make the lights “ran”away than when i was ironing.So there i was,at 5.00am  bila lights,trust me,candle lit showers are not as romantic as we all thought…I under estimated the weather and as i was few blocks from my house a full on shower hit me.I never go back so running back to get an umbrella was out of question.I got to the stage all wet and shit!I get in a jav and am asked for money,i forgot my wallet!My day could not get any better…

When i finally got to work,i was having one of those mornings…Where i work you cant be pissed all day, something will get to your spirits up and have you forgetting why you were mad.

ANYWAY…i saw it fit to blog today,oh i know the next question is why that lady of dieting program   had me mad,she said she charges for giving advice,17 whooping thousands!Let me not even get in to that…enjoy this post…(true story)


When i opened the door to let her in that night i knew something was amis..She was grunting in pain.Back then we did not have electricity,i therefore could not see her face.She was  crying,I had seen and heard her crying before when things got tough,she would lock herself in the bedroom and cry to God.I was still half asleep,I let her in and went back to bed.

The following morning,i woke up and found her still crying her pillow a pool of tears and blood,her face was swollen partly from crying and partly from being beaten up.I was so shocked,i had never seen her like that,when i tried talking,we both started sobbing as she told me how thugs had attacked her as she was coming home from the bar where she worked.She lied,and for the life of me i have never understood why she did that.

I went to school very sad,i was in class eight and it was just a month to the main exam.She went to the hospital and they had to shave her hair to stitch a deep knife cut.When i came home,she had a sling on her arm as it  was was a pitiful sight.She  was far from the beautiful lady i knew,a former shadow of herself.

A few weeks later,she returned to work,against our concerns.Two days later,she came home beaten up again.This time whoever had beaten her was trying to finish the job he had started.She had strangulation marks on her neck,her voice had disappeared,her face was full of bruises.She lied again that she had been attacked by thugs, nobody bought that story for a minute.Nobody gets attacked by thugs two times in a row unless you have a pact with the thugs to inflict pain on you.

A few days later as i was cleaning her room,i saw a police report she had filed against one Mr. X.I asked her about it and i got some serious stifling for snooping.I let it go but i told my brother about it.He talked to her,he asked her who Mr X was and why she had filed an assault case against him,i do not know how that went down.

A month later,i cleared my primary education.Two weeks later,i left home to find a future for my self,we had a difference of opinion with her.I never told anyone where i went.That is story for another post.

Two days after i left the worst happened, Mr X finally finished what he had started.Nobody knows for sure what happened that night.

A week later my relatives found me where i was leaving and asked me to go home.I have  never felt how i felt that day when i got home and found a tent outside and so many people.Instantly i knew someone had died but i did not think for a second it was her.Well,my worst fears were confirmed by everyone but i could not believe them.

At the morgue,i got a glimpse of her lying in a casket.Her beautiful face now  deep purple with bruises and blotches of dried blood all over.That image was permanently engraved in my mind.

That was my mama.The pillar of our lives that was.The light that was.Gone too soon,a victim of ruthless brutal and cold violence from  a man she thought she loved.Had  she left when he first hit her, maybe she would still be alive.

We always have a choice to change things,we always have a voice to put an end to any b.s in our lives,but do we use it?Do we ignore things and blame then on fate?

Think about it.

43 thoughts on “Mama

    • Hits close to home…..
      its a very traumatizing experience,one I would not wish on anyone.There is nothing nearly as painful as seeing your loved one suffer and not being in a position to ease the pain.Those painful memories you cant shake off are a constant reminder that you did not intervene when you had the chance.There is nothing more deplorable than an abusive man.It breaks my heart to see a woman being battered by the very man who swore to love and cherish her.It breaks my heart even more when this woman persists with the relationship despite the severe implications it may have on her health even on her life.Children are no excuse to stay in an abuse relationship,If anything,you are doing those children more harm psychologically by making them witnesses to the abuse.

      • It is,its is a very traumatizing experience.Had she been sick we could have accepted that easily but the fact that she was perfectly ok and he took her life was very heart breaking,but we are coping and slowly healing,its been 7 years.thankyou for reading,usipotee,watch out for more.

  1. wat a coincidence????????ave bn talkn abt dat 2day,anywae we felt bt dat was GOD’S choice,almst the same happened 2 her…….

  2. xo hurtin,bt thanx 2 the almighty u managed n nw u r who u r 2dy n more blssngx bado zinakum imagine nimeifeel tu sana…..

  3. jyoki very sorry for that sad for sure had to be hard for you to get through it but i believe that all that happened for a reason,maybe,to make you strong.take heart

  4. Hi,

    I found your comments on my blog. Thank you very much for the enthusiasm. I hope you do not cry when I write w review on your blog. I am yet to read it but be prepared for the truth.


      I am tough,i will not cry,write a review,tear me apart and in the process ill learn.I actually cant wait i am so excited!feel free to do it!

  5. One of my favorite article writers quite a few years in the past used to introduce his pieces the same way as you do – he would begin his daily work with a totaly unrelated ‘vibe’ that would grab your attention wholly and shortly before you expect it, the story would come to a cut and he’d then start you on his main dish that day. That’s a very effective way of captivating the reader’s mind and i love it!

    I love the flow and the way you bring out an entire story in such a short body. Many people would fumble with words and end up overflowing into the next page. At least you seem to mind the average consumer – he/she has little time in between breaks ;-).

    I find your articles easy to digest and envisage. Where I have concerns I will email you or bring you a sheet containing them. Nevertheless, great work! Please keep the links coming. Am expecting to read a love a story, hehe.


  6. Hi,thank you very much for reading and for your comment….we appreciate….
    Love story? Haven’t had one worth sharing but fiction provides a platform for imagining it and writing it,so it will come… thanks again,the links will come…

  7. Wow so inspirin..n mostly sad..maybe just maybe if she had succeeded in the police case she would stil be alive..its tym we fight back as women..thumbs up

  8. always take heart of each n every hardship dat kams ur way coz its there 2 make u stronger n not to ruin u.Vyella i knw n understand dat u have driven on a rough road in the past but due to ur perservearance u can nao proudly say dat u enjoying the smooth road,justice wil kam to prevail if u remain patient n blv in He who is above us all.

    • Thank you for reading and for the comment,
      Your are right we always have a choice and even if other factors play a part in the outcome of everything,i think our choices are the major contributors in the end.

  9. Wah! Was so saddened when I read this Mercy… I simply have no words other than, there is no greater healer than time, coupled with beneficial human interaction and an understanding of the truth of life, we become like the grass – each day is bearable no matter what happens and we can flourish like the sunflowers – responding to the light, showing off our beauty and stooping to kiss the earth from whence we came from each night… Kev

    • Thank you very much for reading and for the comment..Your are right,time is a master healer,we are definately not at the same place we were 7 years ago wen it happened,we are slowly healing and by and by getting better.

  10. So sorry u had to go through this, but am glad it made you stronger. Looking forward to the day such sad memories will be no more.

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