when i thought of blogging,my mind went blank.i am not gonna lie and call my self a big writer.i just have a passion with words.over the years,i have read many books and posts,i have subjected  myself to art,in its rawest form.i have read and in my mind given silent critical comments and loud applauses,all along i hoped that one day i would write something and some one would read it and do the same for me.
well,its not good to jump in without saying something about who i am,but then again ,i have found anonymity to be intriguing and disguise to be fascinating.when people have to imagine who you are,and have to create you in their minds,and the allure of you invisibleness is their only instinct the thrill is only unimaginable.
 so for now the only thing am going to give away about my identity is that am a sucker for fine art.if i get into it *art* i might go on forever.
 i am a sister,a friend,an employee,a christian,and a woman.
everything sounds so easy on the outside,when reading something someone else has written more often than not the thing going in your mind is,this is a piece of cake,i can do it too if i set my mind to thats easier said than done till you actually sit down, with a blank page and everything in your mind evaporates.i guess what am trying to say is that art is beautiful,and anybody with an artistic mind will tell you the  is the beautiful floral arrangement on a vase,its the lyrics in a song,its the words in a poem,its the fine details on a painting,its in layman language assembling a sudoku.BUT,its not a cup of tea,its effort,its sweat,its tears of joy sometimes or disappointment,its hard work and above all its art,yet in it comes satisfaction,dreams come true and passion is realized it can be reawarding but as we were all taught,no pain no gain.
 in reference to that,i will share my thoughts and opinions here.i intend to pour my heart here,share my frustrations and joys.doing that i hope i get a listening ear,because art is nothing without an audience.
i have to go now and assemble my thoughts,collect ideas and come up with something.
this feels like home.till next time,enjoy the January solar,bye.

4 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. “well,its not good to jump in without saying something about who i am,but then again ,i have found anonymity to be intriguing and disguise to be fascinating.when people have to imagine who you are,and have to create you in their minds,and the allure of you invisibleness is their only instinct the thrill is only unimaginable.” Errr, talk about articulate! For a moment there I thought I was reading J.K Rowling or George R.R! lol. For real though, I can totally relate to this. Many a time, the plain white screen and I have had persistent stare contests and I’m proud to have won quite a few. My secret is to put down in writing whatever comes to mind and sort it all out later :-p

    • This was the first post i ever wrote.I wrote it on notepad and let it just lie there for many a days when i finally let it out i felt good and i have never looked back.N i know what u r saying,am unstoppable when i start banging the key board.thanks for reading.

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